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Here’s What To Do When You’re Afraid To Fail

Jorn Veenstra


A lot of people are afraid of failing. We all know that. When you try something new, you are leaving your comfort zone. You’re stepping out of the world you know, where everything is safe. Most people — believe it or not — are terrified of the smallest change. It can be something simple like taking a new route to work.

I was struggling with this not too long ago..

I have absolutely no sense of direction. I’ve been in situations where I was wrong being confident I could get somewhere without looking on a map. Moments where I was driving some friends to somewhere, taking one wrong turn after the other. Not wanting to admit I was completely and utterly lost.

I know better now. I’ve tried many things to improve it, but some things you just can’t change. I’ve accepted this as one of my weaknesses.

Thank god for Google Maps!

When it comes to bigger leaps, people completely freak out.

I know it’s bad but it makes me laugh sometimes. The response that some people had when I said I was going to quit my study during the last semester. Quit my part time job. Move out of my shared house. Sell almost everything I had. And travel to the other side of the world with no specific plan…

Some of the more conventional people around me thought I’d completely lost my mind.

Don’t get me wrong. It took me a while to find the balls to make this choice. And that’s okay. I’m not saying its easy or you shouldn’t prepare yourself.

There are different ways to fight the fear of making a choice like mine. One way is to look back and appreciate the things you’ve already accomplished…

Now don’t think that you haven’t accomplished anything yet. All of us have accomplished many things. And even if they were small you can still learn from them.

Take a look at the following example:

As a child we all had to learn countless lessons. Some of them required taking big leaps. Few were easy. And many were scary. But all of them had something in common:

We didn’t do it alone!

  • Your first steps were taken while someone held your hand.



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