I’ve Started a Tribe and I Want You to Be a Part of It.

Jorn Veenstra
3 min readJul 16, 2020

It has been quite a while since I’ve last written a story here. I’ve been busy with some other things and my time on Medium has suffered from it.

I’m glad to announce I’m back. Just writing these first couple of sentences feels so good. I’ve learnt to be more honest so I will write down everything that I feel you should know.

I have recently started a new project. It concerns one of my biggest passions.

Food and Nutrition 💚

About twelve years ago, life put me on trail that made me come closer to what I eat. I have enjoyed the journey and learned so much. I have made countless dishes ranging from meat and fish to raw vegan food.

In the last few years I have come to realize the system we have in place is corrupted. The media, food giants and others who are not interested in our health and well-being have taken over. We have, as a collective, fallen into a deep dark hole where we are unable to distinguish right from wrong and true from false.

We live in a world greatly dominated by money and power, and this has destroyed a lot of the beautiful things we hold dear in this world. If we don’t step up and act, it will consume us even more and I’m afraid the damage done will soon become irreversible.

If you have the chance to do your own research, I urge you to do so. It has helped me a lot with escaping from the commonly accepted truths and believes.

About half a year ago I converted to a plant-based lifestyle. It was challenging to find a healthy balance in my diet , and I’m still working on it every day. I live in Bali, Indonesia and I have always tried to live with a budget. Especially when it comes to food, as this is the biggest daily expense for me. I always thought living a vegan lifestyle was super expensive and would exceed my daily budget.

Well, I found out it is extremely simple to live with the same budget - if not cheaper - and thrive on a healthy plant-based diet. All you need is the right sources of information and a little perseverance 😉.



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