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The Number One Thing To Do When You’re Stuck

Jorn Veenstra
2 min readSep 27, 2020


Whatever it is we do, we come across things that work against us. Whether it’s during work, in our relationships or with studying. Life can be a bitch. It can feel unfair and sometimes you can’t do anything about it.

I feel like I’m having this a lot lately. Maybe it is because I’ve been changing my daily routines quite radically. And change goes hand in hand with obstacles, setbacks and other stuff we don’t like to have too much of.

Emphasizing the things that work against us, is obviously a bad approach. It’s the reason we’re going through this, that counts.

We can learn from dealing with setbacks and struggles. This process makes us stronger and more knowledgeable. It teaches us what we need to know to grow towards something we want.

But what if you struggle to find the motivation to overcome the obstacles on your path? What if you feel like giving up? What if you’re on the verge of slipping back into your old routines?

This SUCKS, I know. And when this happens, I like to do the following.

STOP!.. and think…

Snap out of the downward spiral, go back to the beginning, and ask yourself what the problem is. (often there isn’t even a real problem)



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